Media Speed Tech, LLC. - Return / REFUND Policy

This Policy applies to all orders placed by customers (each, a “Customer”) through the web site on which this Policy is posted (the “Web Site”). All orders placed through the Web Site are subject to acceptance by Media Speed Tech, LLC. (the “Game Store Operator”), which Game Store Operator may withhold for any reason.


Subject to Game Store Operator’s approval, Customer may cancel an order placed through the Web Site (i) any time before the item(s) purchased have been actually delivered to Customer, (ii) is not available to Customer within seventy-two (72) hours after purchase (according to Game Store Operator records) or, (iii) in the case of item(s) containing Game Store Operator DRM or activation codes provided by Game Store Operator, any item(s) that is either (a) not activated by Customer or (b) is deactivated by Game Store Operator at Customer’s request within ten (10) days after activation through Game Store Operator.


Except in accordance with Game Store Operator-approved cancellations or deactivations, Customer will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances for any reason, including dissatisfaction with any item(s) made available on or through on the Web Site by Game Store Operator and purchased by Customer, or if Customer’s computer software or hardware does not meet the minimum product requirements. Any refunds or credits will be issued solely at Game Store Operator’s discretion.

Refunds may be offered if:

  • Customer requests a refund in writing within forty-eight (48) hours after time of purchase
  • The item subject to Customer’s request has not been activated
  • The game activation key has not been disclosed to Customer via email or webpage*
  • Game Store Operator finds Customer’s request reasonable due to special circumstances

Game Store Operator cannot provide refunds for:

  • Any item(s) purchased with or without DRM
  • Any item(s) for which an online demo or free trial is available
  • Inability to operate the software in your computing environment
  • Inability to apply the license policy in your computing environment
  • Software purchased for the wrong platform
  • Dissatisfaction with game play
  • Any item(s) thirty (30) days after the purchase date from any reason
  • *Please note: This means that NO refunds will be offered for Content where the key has been sent by e-mail by clicking on the Download button. All such sales are final.

    Certain items purchased through the Web Site may not be returned for a refund, including software covered by third-party DRM or no DRM, or where content publishers do not permit refunds. Please review the item description and disclosure pages for any specific information.

    If appropriate, Game Store Operator shall promptly process refunds, and Game Store Operator will make every effort to process such refund within ten (10) business days of approval. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment originally used for purchase by Customer, and delays in Customer’s receipt of such refund may result depending on the original form of payment.